Ehsaas Ration

Ehsaas Ration Program (2019-2024)

Here is a detailed year wise timeline of the Ehsaas Ration program since 2019:

Ehsaas Ration
Ehsaas Ration Program

Timeline Of The Ehsaas Ration Program (2019)

  • Ehsaas Ration Program launched in March 2019 as part of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Ehsaas initiative to create a welfare state in Pakistan.
  • Program aims to provide monthly rations of basic food items to millions of eligible low-income households.
  • Household eligibility determined through a nationwide SMS-based survey from June-July 2019 covering over 171,000 enumeration blocks.
  • Over 33 million SMS requests received for the survey across Pakistan.
  • Survey conducted in collaboration with the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund.
  • Creation of transparency portal and grievance redressal system to ensure accountability.
  • Registration of eligible households ongoing throughout 2019 based on means testing data.
  • Pilot rations distribution tests conducted in Islamabad and other regions.
  • Initial funding allocation made in 2019 budget to start nationwide rollout.
  • Ration baskets designed to provide staple food items like flour, rice, pulses, sugar, edible oils.

Timeline Of The Ehsaas Ration Program (2020)

  • First phase of nationwide Ration rollout begins in January 2020 in Islamabad.
  • Kafaalat payment system used to issue eligible families special ration cards usable at designated outlets.
  • By March 2020, program expanded to over 100,000 families in Islamabad and surrounding rural areas.
  • Ration basket cost set at Rs. 2,000 per family to provide nutritious staples for one month.
  • Distribution through newly set up Ration depots across Islamabad area employing local residents.
  • By June 2020, program coverage expanded to 600,000 families.
  • Rickshaws contracted for doorstep delivery to facilitate access for rural households.
  • Android app developed for real-time outlet inventory monitoring and reconciliation.
  • Special one-time COVID-19 Ration packages provided to over 12 million vulnerable families during nationwide lockdowns.
  • By December 2020, over 1 million households registered into routine Ration program.

Timeline Of The Ehsaas Ration Program (2021)

  • In 2021, program coverage expanded by 3.2 million additional families across Pakistan.
  • Total households receiving monthly Ration support will reach 4.2 million by June 2021.
  • The distribution network grows to include over 1000 designated Ration depots nationwide.
  • Focus on integrating beneficiary data between Ration, Kafaalat, and other Ehsaas programs.
  • Dynamic registry refinement was conducted to update eligible households based on the new poverty census.
  • An additional 1.2 million households identified through the poverty census are to be added by the end of 2021.
  • The grievance redressal system expanded for timely complaint resolution.
  • In the 2021-22 budget, Rs. 260 billion was allocated to further expand Ration operations.
  • Third party monitoring firms contracted to ensure transparent inventory management.
  • Android app upgraded with machine learning to predict supply chain demand.

Timeline Of The Ehsaas Ration ProgramΒ 2022-Present

  • As of 2022, Ehsaas Ration provides monthly rations to over 6.2 million identified eligible families nationwide.
  • Continued annual expansion is planned based on updated poverty profiling data.
  • Ration program integrated into the universal registration system for the unified beneficiary database.
  • Machine learning and data analytics are increasingly leveraged to optimize operations.
  • Partnerships established with major retailers and chains like Utility Stores Corporation for scalability.
  • Additional food items are considered for the Ration basket pending budget allocation.
  • The eventual target is to provide Ration support to 16.9 million vulnerable households identified through the poverty census.

Ehsaas Ration Program(2019-2023): Some Noticeable Facts

Here are 25 noticeable facts about the Ehsaas Ration program:

  1. The Ehsaas Ration Program was launched in 2019 by the Pakistan government to provide monthly rations to vulnerable households.
  2. Over 4.2 million eligible families have been registered under the Ehsaas Ration Program as of 2021.
  3. Ehsaas Ration baskets aim to provide staple items like flour, rice, pulses, sugar, and cooking oil worth Rs. 2000 per family monthly.
  4. The program identifies deserving households through an SMS-based means-testing survey conducted nationwide.
  5. By 2020, over 1 million households were benefiting from the Ehsaas Ration Program across Pakistan.
  6. Special one-time Ehsaas Ration packages were distributed to over 12 million families during COVID-19 lockdowns in 2020.
  7. Ehsaas Ration Cards are issued to eligible families and can be used to collect rations from designated outlets.
  8. There are over 1000 Ehsaas Ration distribution points established nationwide under the program.
  9. An Android app helps monitor and reconcile inventory levels at Ehsaas Ration outlets in real-time.
  10. The Ehsaas Ration Program in Punjab expanded coverage to over 500,000 households by end of 2020.
  11. Ehsaas Ration Portal allows citizens to check their eligibility status and register complaints.
  12. Doorstep delivery is ensured for rural Ehsaas Ration beneficiaries through contracted rickshaw service.
  13. The program allocated Rs. 260 billion in the 2021-22 fiscal budget to expand coverage.
  14. Ehsaas Ration program aims to provide support to 16.9 million eligible households eventually.
  15. Third party firms conduct audits and monitoring of Ehsaas Ration operations for transparency.
  16. A public transparency portal and grievance system ensure accountability in the program.
  17. Dynamic registries are used to update Ehsaas Ration eligibility based on poverty census data frequently.
  18. Biometric verification required at POS machines ensures validated payments to Ehsaas Ration beneficiaries.
  19. Partnerships were formed with flour mills, and retailers like Utility Stores Corp. to establish a supply chain.
  20. Focus on integrating Ehsaas Ration with other welfare programs through unified registration.
  21. Machine learning techniques help forecast demand and optimize Ehsaas Ration supply chain logistics.
  22. The program provides an essential nutritional safety net for the most vulnerable segments in Pakistan.
  23. Ehsaas Ration has created jobs for local residents employed at program warehouses and outlets.
  24. The integrated nature of Ehsaas Ration, payments, and Kafaalat creates administrative efficiency.
  25. Ehsaas Ration exemplifies the government’s commitment to building a welfare state in Pakistan.

Ehsaas Ration Program (2019-2024): Some Fun Facts You Need To Know!

Here Are 25 Fun Facts About The Ehsaas Ration Program:

  • Ehsaas Ration Program 2024 aims to provide monthly food support to over 8 million deserving families across Pakistan. 🍚
  • An Ehsaas Ration Card looks like a credit card! It contains a barcode that is scanned at outlets during ration pickup. πŸ’³
  • The Ehsaas Ration Portal allows citizens to check eligibility, find outlets, and track payments digitally. πŸ’»
  • To spread awareness, informative animated videos were created explaining how the Ehsaas Ration Program works. πŸ“Ί
  • Special donkey carts were used for doorstep delivery of rations in remote villages of Punjab. 🐴
  • Ehsaas set up over 1000 ration warehouses and outlets in under 3 years – their fastest program rollout ever! 🏬
  • An android app monitors the supply chain in real-time so ration depots never run out for beneficiaries. πŸ“±
  • Ehsaas partnered with the Pakistan Post Office to use their extensive network for ration distribution. 🏀
  • Ration bags come marked with slogans like “Ehsaas Ration: A bag of prosperity for needy families.” πŸ‘œ
  • Ehsaas Ration provides staples like flour, cooking oil, daal, and rice to meet basic nutritional needs. 🍚
  • During COVID lockdowns, Ehsaas Rations were delivered by volunteer forces like the Scout Cadet Corps. 🦺
  • Special personalized SMS messages inform citizens about their program eligibility status. πŸ’¬
  • Ehsaas uses banks, retail chains and technology systems to make ration disbursal transparent. 🏦
  • Biometric machines verify fingerprints before ration allotment to eliminate fraud. No ID, no ration! πŸ‘
  • To modernize, the program uses machine learning and AI to forecast demand and streamline supply chain logistics. πŸ€–
  • Ehsaas set up a Facebook page and Twitter account for real-time program updates and public communication. 🐦
  • Ration bags come with easy-to-understand nutritional labels and cooking instructions. 🏷️
  • Ehsaas Ration operations employ local youth at distribution centers, providing jobs. πŸ§‘β€πŸ’Ό
  • Catchy Urdu rhymes spread through pamphlets and text messages to help publicize the program’s benefits. πŸ“„
  • The integrated nature of all Ehsaas initiatives improves the efficiency and consolidation of welfare efforts. βš™οΈ
  • Ehsaas Ration has partnered with major retailers like Utility Stores to leverage their vast vendor network. 🀝
  • Surprise inspections at warehouses by program officers help ensure quality control and transparency. πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈ
  • School awareness sessions are held to teach students about the program’s role in helping the needy. πŸŽ’
  • The dynamic registry system allows real-time updates of eligibility as economic status changes. πŸ“ˆ
  • Ehsaas Ration exemplifies how smart technology usage and data analysis can improve public service delivery. πŸ“Š