How to Change Profile Information in Ehsaas Scholarship?

How to Change Profile Information in Ehsaas Scholarship?

The Ehsaas Scholarship program allows students to create online profiles and apply for needs-based scholarships. During the application process or after getting selected, students may need to edit certain information in their Ehsaas profile. Follow the steps below to change basic profile data or scholarship details for Ehsaas:

Login to Ehsaas Portal

First, visit the official Ehsaas undergraduate scholarship portal at Click on the “Login” button and enter your email address and password to login to your account.

After logging in, you will see various section tabs on top. Click on the “My Profile” tab to open your profile dashboard.

Edit Basic Personal Information

Under the Personal Information section, you can update details like:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • CNIC number
  • Mobile number
  • Personal email

Make changes to any incorrect or outdated information and click “Update” to save changes.

Change Address

To edit your permanent or current address, go to the Contact Details section. Here you can modify:

  • House number
  • Street name
  • Town/city name
  • District
  • Province

Ensure your address is accurate so any scholarship-related communication reaches you correctly.

Modify Guardian Details

If your father/guardian’s phone number or other information needs updating, go to the Guardian Details box and edit it there. Click “Update” to reflect changes.

Change Institution Details

If you have transferred university or your degree name has changed, you can modify details in the Academic Information section:

  • University/Institute name
  • Degree name
  • Enrollment year
  • Expected graduation year

Updating this ensures your scholarship application is aligned with your latest academic status.

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Edit Bank Account Information

To change your bank details for scholarship stipend disbursement, go to Bank Details section. Update:

  • Bank name
  • Branch name
  • Account title
  • IBAN number

Any scholarship amount will be automatically sent to this updated bank account.

Modify Scholarship Status

If your application status changes due to reapplying next year or selection in Ehsaas scholarship, click “Update Status” in the Scholarship Details box to reflect the latest status.

  • Applied
  • Selected
  • Not Selected

Updating status ensures you receive updates accordingly.

Save Changes

After making all your required profile changes, carefully review the updated information and click “Save Changes” at the bottom to confirm.

This will successfully update your Ehsaas scholarship profile with the new information provided. The portal may log you out – simply login back to see your updated details live.

Points to Remember

When editing your Ehsaas profile, keep a few things in mind:

  • Make changes only where necessary. Do not over edit.
  • Edit immediately any information you notice is incorrect.
  • Take care to fill information accurately the first time.
  • Scholarship applications close soon, so edit quickly.
  • If facing issues, contact Ehsaas helpline for support.

Following the process above, you can seamlessly modify your Ehsaas scholarship profile. Ensure all information is accurate so your application and scholarship selection process is smooth. Stay up to date on your portal!

Necessary Documents to Update Profile

While updating certain profile information on the Ehsaas portal, you may need to provide supporting documents as proof. Here are some common documents required:


If changing your CNIC details due to correction or renewal, upload a copy of your new computerized national ID card.

Name Change Certificate

For any change in applicant name, provide the official name change certificate issued by NADRA.

University Documents

If you have transferred university, submit the migration certificate, transcripts or enrollment letter from your new university.

Degree Change Letter

If your ongoing degree name has changed, upload a confirmation letter from the university stating the new degree nomenclature and duration.

Address Change Proof

For address changes, submit a copy of your new residence rental contract, utility bill or any other address proof.

Bank Details

To update bank account, provide a copy of account opening certificate, bank statement or passbook first page displaying new details.

Income Certificate

If family income has reduced due to changed circumstances, provide updated salary slips or income certificate to reflect change.

Keep these supporting documents handy. Ehsaas team may ask you to submit them to authenticate major changes made to your scholarship profile.

Common Profile Change Reasons

There can be various genuine reasons why a student may need to edit details in their Ehsaas scholarship profile. Some common ones include:

Information Filled Incorrectly

Students may realize some information like name, CNIC number, contact details etc. was wrongly entered in haste during registration. They can correct it.

Name/Address Change

Due to marriage, shifting residence or other reasons, the applicant’s name or address might change and need updating.

Academic Status Change

If students move to another university, change their course midway or their degree name is updated, academic details need modification.

Bank Details Update

Students opening a new bank account or changing banks would need to update details to receive stipend payments.

Parental Income Change

Major change in family income due to job loss, retirement or death of earning member warrants income proof update for needs criteria.

Re-application Next Year

Students reapplying for the scholarship in next academic year would need to update their application status.

It is perfectly fine to modify information for legitimate reasons like above. The Ehsaas team understands and allows such profile changes with proper documentation.

Process After Updating Profile

Once you successfully update your Ehsaas scholarship profile with changed information, here is the general process after that:

  • Your profile change request will be reviewed by the Ehsaas verification team within 5 working days.
  • They may contact you for clarification or supporting documents regarding the updated details.
  • After verification, the changes will be approved and your profile updated.
  • For major changes like academic details, bank information etc. your scholarship application may need re-initiation.
  • Your application will be re-assessed as per new information and decision communicated by email/portal.
  • Ensure you respond promptly to queries and share documents if asked by Ehsaas team.
  • Scholarship stipend, admission confirmation etc. will now be processed based on your updated profile information.
  • Keep checking your email and scholarship portal regularly for latest updates after profile change.
  • Contact the Ehsaas helpline if you face any issues or need assistance.

With valid reasons and proper documentation, profile changes are accepted by Ehsaas to ensure students get a fair chance in scholarship process. Stay on top of all communications post updating your profile.

In summary, students can edit their Ehsaas scholarship profile by logging into the portal, navigating to profile section and updating details like personal information, academic status, contact information or bank details. Supporting documents may be required in some cases for verification. Once changes are approved, further scholarship process happens accordingly. Update your profile carefully!

FAQs about  How To Change Profile Information in Ehsaas Scholarship

How To Edit Submitted Ehsas Form?

You can login to your Ehsas portal account, go to ‘My Application’ section and click on ‘Edit Application’ to make changes to your submitted scholarship application form before deadline.

How To Download Ehsas Scholarship After Filling?

After completing the online Ehsas scholarship application form, click on ‘Download PDF’ option to save a copy of the filled form on your device for future reference.

How To Download Ehsas Scholarship Form?

Go to Ehsas scholarship portal, click ‘Apply Now’, select your degree, university and download the blank scholarship application form in PDF format to your device or computer.

How To Edit Ehsas Scholarships Submitted Application Online?

Log in to your Ehsas portal account, go to ‘My Application’, click ‘Edit Application’, make the changes and save the edited application form before deadline to successfully edit your submitted scholarship application.

How To Fill Ehsas Scholarship?

To fill Ehsas form, go to their portal, register yourself, select degree, download form, carefully enter all academic, personal and financial details, attach documents, review and submit the completed application online before last date.

How To Get Ehsaas Program Scholarship?

To get Ehsas scholarship, visit their portal, create profile, fill application form providing academic, income, personal details, submit it online along with supporting documents and confirm submission before deadline.

How To Get Ehsas Scholarship Apply?

Visit Ehsas undergraduate portal, register yourself, select degree, download form, complete it providing all required details, attach supporting documents, review details, submit and confirm application before deadline to apply.

How To Get Interest Free Loan Ehsas?

To get Ehsas interest free loan, get poverty survey done, obtain recommendation letter, prepare business proposal, submit application to Ehsas center with CNIC, scorecard and documents for review and approval.

How To Make Changes In Ehsas Scholarship Forms?

Login to Ehsas portal, go to ‘My Application’, click ‘Edit Application’, modify details in submitted form, save changes and re-submit edited application before deadline to make changes.

How To Make Changes In Ehsaas Scholarship Forms After Submitting?

You can login to your Ehsas portal account, navigate to your application, click on ‘Edit Application’ and update the form with correct details before closing date to make changes in submitted forms.

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