Punjab’s Chief Minister Greenlights Affordable E-Bike Program for 20,000 Students

Punjab’s Chief Minister Greenlights Affordable E-Bike Program for 20,000 Students

Punjab CM says electric bikes are mandatory to reduce pollution, but they are currently unsuitable for their low mileage.

The Punjab Government’s E-Bike Initiative

The Punjab government announced a plan on Tuesday. It will provide 20,000 e-bikes to students. The students will pay in easy installments. The goal is to reduce the burden on pupils.

Punjab’s Chief Minister Approved It

Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz approved the project. She did this during her third cabinet meeting. The meeting took place in Lahore.

Chief Minister Maryam’s Statement on E-Bikes

Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz said in a statement. Electric bikes are necessary to reduce pollution. But currently, e-bikes have low mileage. There are also incidents of battery theft.

The decision to Provide Fuel Bikes Too

The government decided to provide fuel bikes, too. Students can get fueled bikes and e-bikes. Both will be available in easy installments.

Accessible Installment Details of the E-Bike Program

Maryam said the down payment will be Rs25,000. The monthly installment will be less than Rs5,000. She added the bike distribution will start in May 2024.

Separate Scheme for High Achievers

Maryam also announced a separate scheme. High-achieving students will get bikes under this.

Nawaz Sharif’s Request

The decision came after a request. Former PM Nawaz Sharif made the request. He wanted more bikes for students in Punjab.

Nawaz Sharif’s Statement

Nawaz Sharif said on Monday. He said the monthly installment should be minimum. The government must share students’ financial burden.

Cabinet Meeting Details

The cabinet meeting discussed the e-bike plan. It was about providing e-bikes on interest-free installments.

Installment Amounts Shared

Officials shared the installment amounts in the meeting. Petrol bike installment will be under Rs5,000 per month. The installment of the e-bike will be under Rs10,000 per month.

The quota for Male and Female Students

In villages, there is a 70% quota for male students. There is a 30% quota for female students.

CM’s Order on Application Schedule

The CM ordered an application schedule announcement. This should happen before the Eid festival.

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